Saturday, June 19, 2004

Stitch Markers

I have been seeing pictures of beaded stitch markers that other knitters have been making and I decided to try my hand at making some. Hobby Lobby had all of their beading products on sale this week for half price, so I was able to get some things. I already had a few things since I have made bracelets before this. I made some stitch markers and I thought they came out really well. I also made some earrings. None of them are perfect, but I'm not planning on selling them, just using them myself, so it doesn't really matter that they are not perfect.

I have been meaning to tell any of you who read my blog that when I post pictures, you can click on them and make them bigger.

Stitch Markers Posted by Hello

Earrings Posted by Hello

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Chie said...

What beautiful stitch markers and earrings! :) I should make myself some too!

Thank you for your compliment on my dishcloth. :) The cotton yarn I used for my dishcloth was sold at my most favorite store, the Wal-Mart. :D They had other pretty colors too which I am thiking about buying as well. LOL