Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's been really busy during the holidays this year. It seems that I have not had time for much of anything except going here and there. Plus, we had a couple of acquaintances pass away over the holidays. And really close to Chistmas. We went to the funeral of one of them last week. Such a sad thing to happen, but really bad at Christmas.

This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and I decided to stay home today and rest and take medicine in hopes of kicking this thing before it gets any worse. I was really disappointed because I was supposed to go and get a complimentary free lesson on the hammered dulcimer from a coworker's husband, who teaches it. He said he would give me a lesson so that I could see if I am interested in it and also information on renting a hammered dulcimer. I can't afford to buy one right now, but I would rather just save my money and buy my own rather than throw my money away renting one. On the other hand, if I rented one and decided it wasn't for me, at least I wouldn't be out much money, so I'll have to think about that for a little while.

Last night Eddie and I went to a friend's house. It's actually my house, but we rent it to them and they are also our friends. As landlords, we have a key to the house and we have their permission to go in at any time to do repair work, etc. We are very close friends and trusting of each other. We always get together with them on Friday and/or Saturday nights and play Phase 10. I happened to get to their house early last night before they got home from work, so I called our friend on my cell phone and asked if it was ok if I went ahead and went inside the house to wait for them. It wasn't a problem, so I went on in. It was quite a while before they got home, about 45 minutes. I noticed that the cover was up on their piano. Since I've been really longing to learn to play an instrument this next year, I decided to fool around on the piano for awhile. It was alot of fun. I didn't learn to play anything, but I played around on the keys and had a nice time by myself before they got home.

When I was a little girl, I had an aunt (my mother's sister) who decided that I would learn to play the piano. She decided this without my permission. I wasn't interested at all. She even went so far as to buy a piano for me and pay for piano lessons. Talk about ungrateful. I was definitely that. The piano lessons were every Saturday morning while cartoons were on. Being a child, naturally, I didn't want to take piano lessons while cartoons were on. I did not practice, and after awhile the piano teacher finally told my aunt that I wasn't interested at all and that she was wasting her money. I was relieved, but I'm sure my aunt was really disappinted in me. She eventually sold the piano to my uncle (her brother) because his wife did play piano. Another sad part to this story is that later on, his housed burned and the piano burned up in the house.

I didn't think much about it then, being a child, but now that I'm grown, I think back on all that happened, and feel a tragic sense of loss and even a little guilt too. Loss because I wish more than anything that I had been interested at that age and had practiced. Guilt because I didn't even appreciate that beautiful piano and it later came to its demise because of that. Oh, I know that wasn't really my fault because the same thing could have happened at my house, but I still feel badly about it all. I can't help but feel that if I had really taken an interest and practiced that I might have been able to play the piano and might even still have that very piano in my possession today.

It's sort of like Eddie said tonight. You can't go back and change any of that. And I said, no I can't, but I can change what I do in the future. So, the thought has crossed my mind that I might even take piano lessons. The reason it two-fold. First, because I work at a community college, I can take piano or any kind of music lessons for free. Second, our friends are wanting to sell the piano and if we had the money I could buy it and have it moved to my house. I just don't know if I want to do that and then be stuck with it if I decide piano is not for me.

I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions, as I'm sure we all are. I'm not going to make the usual promise to lose weight, etc. because in the past I felt badly because it never seemed to work out. I've decided that I'm not going to make any resolutions this year, but just think about things that I would like to accomplish this next year. One is that I would like to learn to read music and learn to play a musical instrument of some kind. I know that both of those things take commitment and practice, but I think I could do it for something I really want to do.

I've been thinking about what sparked this latest interest in wanting to learn to play a musical instrument. I've always loved music and wanted to play something, but I think I know exactly what got me to thinking about it most recently. Before Christmas this year, I went with my cousin to his boss's home for her annual Christmas party. We had a nice dinner, played games, and did a Chinese gift swap. Afterward, his boss played Christmas carols for us on her harp. I thought it was so enchanting and beautiful to listen to her play. It just renewed my desire to learn to play something. I know it takes practice, but it has taken her about 5 years to learn to play and I know she's taken some lessons.

It is my desire this year to learn to read music and learn to play something. At this point in time, I'm not exactly sure what that instrument is. I know that many people play more than one instrument, so I know that's a possibility too. I'm hopeful that as I research it and find out more information, that something will reveal itself to me. Whatever will be, will be, so I'll just have to wait and see in which direction I go.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Prints

I'm so excited to tell you how busy I've been. I've added some new prints to my shop.

The first one is Flapper Girl, and I love her feathers. She looks like she's just waiting for some fun. The second one is Bridesmaid, and the third one is Prom Night. These girls are part of my Lovely Ladies Series and are awaiting a new home.

This morning Eddie and I went out shopping for after Christmas sales, and I found three treasures. The first one is a lovely Nativity Scene, the second is a cute Christmas tree skirt, and last but not least, is a cute snowman Advent calender. Pictures to come soon...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm

I learned to play a mountain dulcimer a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. This is one of the songs I learned and I really had fun playing it.

The sad part is that I let someone discourage me in my efforts to play the dulcimer. I have what is known as a Tennessee Music Box. It's pretty long in length, so it's long on my short legs, but I still manage to play it. The person who discouraged me thought that the music box was too big for me to handle and thought I would do better with a smaller instrument such as a mandolin. For some reason, after that, I just put the music box away and never picked it back up. I should never have let that person discourage and dishearten me that way.

Lately I've been wanting to learn a musical instrument of some kind. I've toyed with the idea of the flute, clarinet, and piano. Even the hammered dulcimer, which I really want to learn to play some time in the near future. But, for now, with our finances so low, I'm going to pick my Tennessee Music Box back up and learn to play again. I'm mad at myself because I've lost my picks and some of my original music, so now I have to get some more. I'm sure they're in my sewing room, but I'll have to wait awhile before I can get to them again. At any rate, I can't wait to play Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm again.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've Been Crowned

On Thursday afternoon I went to the dentist to have my crown replaced. It was very easy. The dentist didn't even have to deaden anything. He just filed down the crown a little, put some new cement on it and put it back in. Easy as pie. It felt a little funny at first since I went for a week with a hole where the crown used to be, but now it's back to normal and I'm chewing on that side again. I'll have to have a root canal on another tooth after the first of the year, but I'm not thinking about that right now. I know I sound like Scarlett O'Hara. I'll think about that tomorrow.

I have been having fun making some artwork the past couple of days. I've been working on my Lovely Ladies series. I'll have the prints up in my shop very soon. Until then, here's a small preview.

This Lovely Lady is called Bridesmaid. "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride."

This Lovely Lady is called Flapper Girl. I think she's my favorite so far. I love her feathers.

This Lovely Lady is called Prom Girl.

The prints will all be 8 1/2" x 11" and will fit in a standard 8 x 10 frame. They would also look pretty in an 8 x 10 or larger frame with an oval mat. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add color to them or not. I will probably do that later on, but for now I'm offering these prints as ink drawings. I'm working on a new one called Retro Girl. There is a poodle skirt involved in this one.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pretty Christmas Ornament

I saw this pretty Christmas ornament Monday when my sister-in-law and I were browsing some antique stores, and I just had to share.

The picture was taken with my new Motorola Razr V3 cell phone. I love this phone. Mine is a magenta color similar to the one in this picture.

It's nice to be able to take a picture of something when I'm out and I don't have my camera with me. I'm going to have to figure out something different, though, for emailing the pictures. Right now it's 15 cents per picture to email it somewhere. I really want to be able to post pictures on my blog and in order to do that I'll have to email them to myself. I think. ?? I still have alot to learn about all this new technology.

Well, I'm off in the next few minutes to the dentist. Last Friday while I was eating lunch, one of my caps came off one of my teeth. Hopefully, I can get it fixed today.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Family Gatherings

This morning I decided to put an afghan that I crocheted recently in my Etsy shop. It was really a joy to make, and it came out really pretty. I hope it finds its way to a happy new home.

This weekend my brother and his wife, who live about 45 minutes outside of Chicago, came to visit us for 3 nights. They left yesterday morning at 4 a.m. because they had to be in Raleigh, NC by noon yesterday for his son's graduation from NCSU. I never realized just how empty the house would feel after they left. I miss them terribly already.

On Sunday evening we had a family gathering and I took a photo of the food layout.

Earlier in the week, before they got here, we snapped a quick photo of Heckle lying next to Snoopy. You know, those cute photos when you wish you had your camera, but it's at the other end of the house and by the time you go get it, they've changed positions? Fortunately, my camera was handy this time, and I managed to get this.

Heckle's eyes look weird and I haven't figured out yet how to change that, but overall, I think the picture is really cute.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wake Up

I saw this video on Angela Cartwright's blog and thought it really funny. If you are a feline owner you can relate, I'm sure. I know I can.

In other news, we've been working hard getting ready for my brother's visit and family gathering this weekend. The house is decorated and it's really looking alot like Christmas. I'm looking forward to his visit since he lives right outside of Chicago, and I never see him.

Eddie woke up this morning with some stomach discomfort. Well, diarrhea, but it seems to be better now, even though he still doesn't feel all that great. I'm hoping and praying that it will go away and it doesn't spread to me. I really don't want either one of us to be sick with my brother coming. In past years, we have both been sick at one time or another during the holidays and it is definitely not fun.

I will have a new painting to put in my shop later on. Once things settle down some, I hope to be able to do some more painting of my Lovely Ladies Series. The sneak preview is the first drawing, which is Bridesmaid.

"Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride".

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Enchanted and Funky

I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile now. I went to YouTube and saw a trailer and I had seen on some other blogs where short videos were included from YouTube. This is also a test, but I wanted you to see the trailer for this movie. It looks, well ... enchanting.

Ok, this is really fun. Now, I want to do this alot. This next video is a major change from Enchanted. This next video really shows my funky side. I found a music video of the song "The Club is Open". We Jazzercise to this song and I love to dance to it. It's not the music I normally listen to, but I love the Jazzercise routine that goes with it. It's sort of a Tai Kwon Do, type thing. It's really cool.

Ok, one more and I'm done for today. This next video is of some football players doing Jazzercise. We do this routine at least once a week. It's fun.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Last night I felt in the mood to draw and these lovely ladies are what I came up with. With each one I felt inspired. I really didn't know what I was going to draw until I drew the head, then I just went in the direction I felt it should go. They need to be put on canvas or wood, but I can see them becoming artwork that I can put in my Etsy store.

Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

This weekend we had a fun decorating party on Saturday evening. My cousin and some friends of ours came over for dinner and decorated our house and put lights on the front porch railing.

Here is my fireplace mantel and I love it!

And here's the little tree on our front porch with the pretty redbird in the top. By the way, the gifts under the tree are for Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Here is also a picture of the oil painting of Santa and Friends that I painted last Christmas. This year is the first year I have used it and it was so much fun to paint. I enjoyed it very much.

I really want to make another Santa painting, but I don't know if I will get to do it this year or not. In two weeks, my brother and his family are coming from Illinois to visit us for a weekend. I'm excited about them coming and I know he's excited about coming too.

The Friday night before their visit, Eddie and I are going to his niece's house for a holiday party. We are to take some Christmas ornaments for a Chinese gift exchange. I'll post pictures later on that.