Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I recently discovered the most awesome thing I've ever seen. On my local PBS station one night they were doing a feature on Animusic. I just think it's cool. It's just downright hypnotic and relaxing to watch. I've included a video below of one of my favorites.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Homecoming

There are several Christmas movies I've been wanting to watch this year. It seems that I haven't had much time, but I'm going to make time. This will be my last week at work until January 5. Our school closes down for about 6 days and I have taken some extra time so I can get about 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday. Anyway, last night Eddie was gone to a meeting and I watched the Walton's movie The Homecoming. It's one of my favorite movies. I hope you get a chance to watch it too. Watch the movie trailer below.

The Homecoming

Monday, December 15, 2008

We Elfed Ourselves

Some of my coworkers and I elfed ourselves and sent it to our boss who is at home recuperating after surgery. There are only 2 women in the video and I am not the dark headed woman, I'm the other one. I hope you enjoy it. Just link on the link below to view the video.

We Elfed Ourselves

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Berries!

When we came home this afternoon I happened to notice that my berry bushes are just loaded with bright red berries. I'm embarassed to say that I don't even know what this bush is called. I love the luscious red color. It's beautiful. I had to take a picture. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Little White Christmas Tree

I ran across this cute little tree at Michaels on day when they were having a 50% off sale. I bought it and found some miniature ornaments to put on it. I really like it. It's not very big, but looks nice on the side table where I keep my teacups. I just thought I would share it with you.

I want to thank everyone from the EDM group for their kind comments about my knit hat sketch. I'm very excited to be sketching and journaling. I probably won't be posting stuff every day, but I will post as much as I can.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Knit Hat Sketch

I'm new to the EDM group. See link on the right side of my blog. I love the idea of making an illustrated journal. I'm still in the beginning stages of learning this new technique and trying to find the time to make a sketch every day. I'm even thinking about making a separate blog for my illustrated journal stuff. I'm painfully behind on it, but I made my first sketch the other day. When I was in Hobby Lobby looking at the yarn for a new project, I saw a lady wearing the cutest knit hat. I asked her about it and she was very friendly and generous in letting me look at it to see how I might be able to make one for myself. I didn't have a camera with me and wouldn't have asked for a picture anyway, so I drew the hat from memory. I thought it came out pretty well, but the journal book I used is not a very good one. It's just a sketch book that I bought at Hobby Lobby or someplace like that. The pages are thin and the art from the previous page shows through. I'm not happy with that, but I am pretty happy with the sketch. I'll probably put this journal entry in a better sketching journal such as a moleskin or something like that. I'm still learning how to get the best shot to post to the group. I tried scanning this first, and wasn't happy with the results. I then decided to take a picture with my digital camera. It came out pretty well, but I was working on my work computer and it doesn't have a way to modify the photo or crop, so this photo is very raw.

I've decided that instead of thinking this thing to death about drawing and sketching, to just let go and have fun. My drawings and sketches don't have to be great works of art. Part of my problem is that I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to art, and when I over think it and try to make it perfect, it takes all the fun and sponteniety out of being creative. So, I'm learning to relax and just sketch and draw.

This is my first post to the group. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things That Bug Me

I don't like to complain or be known as one of those people who constantly whines and gripes about everything, but recently there are a couple of things that have been really, really getting on my nerves. They are not about people at all, but just things. There were actually 3 things, but now I can't remember what the third one is. I guess it must not be too bad, huh?

Anyway, the first thing that really gets on my nerves is bra straps that won't stay up. Straps that are contantly falling down. No matter what I do, how I adjust them, my stupid bra straps won't stay in place. Maybe I'm buying cheap bras, but I wouldn't call the bras I bought cheap since I had to buy them on sale in order to be able to afford them. To be honest, if I could go without one I would be a happy camper, say good riddance to it and go on my merry way. Unfortunately, that would not be appropriate behavior in today's society. I will tell you that when I get home from work, especially in the summer time, that's one of the first things that comes off and stays off. I aim to be comfortable at least while I'm at home, dadgum it.

The other thing that has been bugging me since winter started is socks that won't stay up. Why is it that I can't find a sock that will stay up on my legs? Am I buying the wrong size? I don't think so because the standard size is supposed to fit most shoe sizes. There is nothing worse (than a fallen bra strap of course) than having your socks fall down around your ankles. I've seen those sock holder upper things that men wear, what are they called "sock garters"? I did some research the other day and discovered that there is such a thing for women. However, it looks like it would cut off your circulation if you bind it around the top part of your leg below the knee. Oh, and let's not forget those Christmas socks that we buy that when you put them on, the heel of the sock is way above where it's supposed to be on your heel. It's more like almost halfway up your leg. Whoever designed those must have had a really big foot or a long foot.

Now I remember what the other thing is. It's purse shoulder straps that won't stay up. Do you see a pattern here? I seem to have a multitude of things that just won't stay up where they are supposed to be. Imagine having all of this going on while your arms are full and you are trying to go in a door or something and some inconsiderate person lets the door slam in your face? What happend to Good Will Toward Men (or Women?)

I really envy women who always look so put together. I don't feel like I've ever been "put together" and I probably never will.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cute Hats

One day last week I was in my LYS and saw this adorable baby/child hat.

Of course, I wanted to make one right away. I asked the lady at the yarn store about it and she didn't seem to know much about it. We figured out it was probably from a kit, and of course they were all out of them. When I asked her what kind of yarn it was, she didn't know that either. I left very frustrated, but determined. When I got home I looked up the web site which is Debby Ware. I saw a hat similar to the one I had seen at the yarn store, but it wasn't exactly like it. I went to a new yarn store in my area and got all kinds of help, even got some cotton yarn to make the hat with. I'm working on it now.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go back to the original yarn store and see if they would allow me to take a picture of the hat to see if I could use it for an example in my hat. This time there was a different lady there. One more knowledgeable. She said the hat was made from Tahki Cotton Classic yarn. Oh joy! And they sell it there. Then I searched online and found the Yarnmarket web site which has the pattern for a hat that is truly a Debby Ware pattern, along with how much yarn you need and the colors. Hot dang, now I'm getting somewhere. I figure I don't need a pattern since I've made these kind of hats before. I just need a picture to see the colors and how many rows of each color and the stitches used. So, my plan is to go back to the original yarn store and get some Cotton Classic to use in this pretty hat.

Just so I don't sound confusing I'll clarify the pictures. The top picture is the one from the yarn store, which I really don't think is a Debbie Ware pattern. I think that one is just one a volunteer or yarn store employee made. The second picture is the true Debby Ware pattern and I really like it. I think it's cute. It looks almost like a cake. I'm working on one similar to the first picture now. As soon as I get the Cotton Classic yarn, I'm going to start one like the Debby Ware picture.

While I was at the Yarnmarket web site I saw a pretty Holiday Hat Pattern.

I think you know where this is going, don't you? I ended up buying both the Squiggly Hat pattern and the Holiday Hat pattern. Sigh. I don't plan on using the Holiday Hat as a hat, though. I just want to stuff some stuffing or polyester fiberfil in it and put it on a table.

Are you thoroughly confused? I think I might be.