Monday, March 26, 2007


For the entire month of March I've been making earrings. I made all these fun earrings using a kit that a friend of mine gave to me for my birthday.

I even found some cool animal print glass beads and designed these earrings, which I love.

I seem to be infatuated with beads right now and it's has just been so much fun making the earrings. I have so many more that I couldn't possibly post pictures of them all here. Last weekend I went to all of the craft stores in my area, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore and every time I went I found things I didn't see before. I even made an attempt to make some stretchy bracelets and they came out pretty well.

Now I'm ready to try some more challenging things. I really want to try to make a culster bracelet. Something similar to this picture I found on the Internet.

I would want more beads on mine, but not overwhelming. I have seen some of the pictures of cluster bracelets on the Internet and, to be honest, some of them are just overkill. There are so many beads on them that you can't really appreciate the beauty of the bracelet. The one above is actually very simple and elegant, but I might try to put a single pearl bead in between the darker ones.

I guess I must be obsessing with beads and jewelrymaking right now. It's just fun. Now I'm going to have to figure out a way to sell them. I'm probably going to put a few of them in an Etsy store. If I don't sell any there, I'll probably set up a display in the art gallery in Knoxville where my paintings are. I love making things, it's just in my nature to do that, and if I can sell some things in the process then it's even better. If not, well, then I'll just have an ample supply of Christmas gifts this year.