Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Putting Things Into Perspective

I saw a post from one of my favorite bloggers Willa Cline.  If you go to her blog, you can read what she wrote.  It was about someone else that she read about who doesn't understand how people who work full time have time for vacations, etc., when this person spends most of their weekends doing laundry, cleaning house, etc.  Willa was talking about how it's all about deciding what is important to you and doing that.  It's about priorities.  I learned alot about that this past week.  My husband had to have a cardiac triple bypass surgery last week.  It was a shock to both of us.  He is tall (6 feet), not overweight, doesn't have high blood pressure, no sugar problems, no cholesterol problems at least when he had his bloodwork done.  We thought he was in relatively good health.  He had been complaining off and on for the past couple of weeks about being short of breath.  On Tuesday, Aug. 14, he went to the ER.  They ran several tests and ended up doing a artiorgram and found significant blockages.  The dr said stents wouldn't do it and he was recommending bypass.  He had the surgery, came through it fine and is now home recuperating and healing.  What it's taught us is that he had a very close call.  He was very lucky that he went when he did and had it checked out.  It prevented what could have been a much worse outcome.  It's really put things into perspective for us.  It means that we take care of ourselves and spend as much time together as we possibly can and count our blessings.  We also say "I Love You" alot more often.