Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Enchanted and Funky

I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile now. I went to YouTube and saw a trailer and I had seen on some other blogs where short videos were included from YouTube. This is also a test, but I wanted you to see the trailer for this movie. It looks, well ... enchanting.

Ok, this is really fun. Now, I want to do this alot. This next video is a major change from Enchanted. This next video really shows my funky side. I found a music video of the song "The Club is Open". We Jazzercise to this song and I love to dance to it. It's not the music I normally listen to, but I love the Jazzercise routine that goes with it. It's sort of a Tai Kwon Do, type thing. It's really cool.

Ok, one more and I'm done for today. This next video is of some football players doing Jazzercise. We do this routine at least once a week. It's fun.

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