Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bad Fall

Eddie's mother had a bad fall yesterday morning. She fell off her porch about 3 feet and fractured several ribs. She's in the hospital now and will probably go home in the next day or two. The doctor said it will take about 4 to 6 weeks for her to heal and that it will take about 3 weeks for her to start feeling better and not be in pain. She's going to need a hospital bed at home and hopefully we can get some home health care for her. The only other options for her were for her to go to assisted living and she can't afford that. The other option was a nursing home, but the doctor said she wasn't bad enough to go there. So, she'll be happier in her own home anyway, but since Eddie and I live the closest to her, we're going to check in on her every day to make sure she's ok and that she has food, etc.

She is married, but her husband, who is Eddie's step-dad, is almost 90 years old and he can't really do much. In fact, she's the one who mostly takes care of him. So, our vacation has started off on a stressful note.

In other news, my cousin sent me this picture of the view in Panama City Beach off their balcony. Gee, I sure wish I were there. I told him thanks for rubbing it in.

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