Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shop Update Today!

I'm very excited about my Etsy shop update today. I have been working on some Flapper hats and boas. I love these Flapper hats. They are so much fun to make and even more fun to wear. Every time I made a hat and tried it on I kept thinking that I needed a boa to go with it to look like a true Flapper girl, so I made a boa. Now I'm going to make some more boas to go with some more hats that I will make.

I also plan to make some newborn, infant and child size Flapper hats as well.

I keep thinking that with all these pretty hats, I need to have a Flapper tea party where everyone wears a Flapper hat and boa. Wouldn't that be fun?

Every time I put on one of the hats and boas, I want to do the Charleston and say "Boop Boop a Doo!". Ohh, we'd have to do that at the tea party too!


blazedanielle said...

Good luck with your etsy shop update! :) You've done a lovely job! :)

Chie said...

Love your Flapper hats, Sharon!
I can't wait to see the child sizes, I'm sure they will be so cute. :)

Sharon said...

Thank you, Blaze, for your kind comment!

Chie, I learned that to make the child sizes all I have to do is follow the same pattern and use sport weight yarn and a smaller needle. I made one the other night that I will post here soon. They are cute!