Monday, January 14, 2008

Rough Weekend

We had a rough weekend. Eddie has been having severe pain on his left side near his rib cage since Friday. He was fine Thursday night when he went to bed, but woke up with the pain Friday morning. He thought maybe he had laid on it wrong or something, but since it's lasted this long and been this severe, I just don't know.

He wasn't thrilled about going to the doctor, but I finally convinced him to go and see about it. Heck, I was thinking he should go to the emergency room, but he wouldn't go. To me, someone who's doubled over moaning in pain should go somewhere, but what do I know? Anyway, I think he's mostly going to the doctor just to appease me, but whatever the reason, I'm glad he's there. He had to go to the VA clinic for something else today anyway, and I figured while he's there he might as well see the medical doctor. The only problem is that since he doesn't have an appointment, he'll probably have to sit there all afternoon while they fit him in. Something else, he wasn't happy about. I really think he's tired of the pain and ready to see what's causing it; he just wasn't going to admit it to me. I just hope they can figure out what it is, or at least order some kind of x-ray or scan or something, so we'll know what we are dealing with.

I found this on Youtube today and I think it's just lovely. It's called Music Box Dancer.

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