Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Book of Everyday Wishes

I was in the grocery store this morning and they had a bargain bin of books. I found this cute little book for only $3.00 and I bought it. The title is Little Book of Everyday Wishes.

It just looked like a charming little book with wonderful little illustrations. It begins in January and has a little wish for every day of the year.

I love books like this that help us remember to do the little things in life and to play. It sort of reminds me of another book that I bought awhile back called Permission to Nap.

I love this book. I'm a firm believer in taking naps. I think we need it to refresh ourselves and take care of ourselves. I wish we could all go back to kindergarten days when we all took an afternoon nap after lunch. It's too bad that our lives are so busy with jobs and other things that we can't take time for ourselves anymore. I can't take naps during the week while I'm at work, but nine times out of ten, as soon as I get home from work I crawl in my bed and take at least a 30 minute nap, sometimes more depending how tired I am. Never mind that I should be exercising instead of taking a nap. Phooey. Who wants to exercise when you can take a nap instead? I've decided to exercise on my lunch break, then I can go home and take that nap and not feel guilty.

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