Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cripple Creek

Yesterday on Cozy Little Whimsy Nook, I saw a video of someone playing a banjo that brought memories of my dad flooding back. He was a musician by ear. He never read music a day in his life. He could play the banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and piano all by ear and I'm sure he could have played anything else he set his mind to. My dad passed away 15 years ago in 1993 and I miss him terribly. How I wish I still had his banjo, guitar and mandolin.

One of my dad's favorite songs to play was Cripple Creek. I searched Youtube for banjo players picking this song and this one is the closest to the way my dad played it. Also, you will see in the video clip several other musicians playing other instruments. In the south, it is very common for friends to get together in a very informal setting like someone's garage and just jam, just for the fun of it. This looks like just that kind of setting. Don't forget to go to the bottom of my page and turn off my music before watching the video clip.

For your entertainment, click here for the song lyrics to Cripple Creek. It's really a fun song and has quite a catchy tune.


blazedanielle said...

How fun! What energy!! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

And keep at the dip pen! It gets easier! And the little inconsistencies are nice!

cookie said...

Oh, what great memories you must have. My father did not play an instrument, but he grew up on a farm in the country and often talked about very similar types of occasions. I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you so much!


blazedanielle said...

You should totally read Carolyn Keene! ;) SO fun! I have the Dana Girls and Nancy Drew books! Both are delightful!

And I hope you have a great fourth!