Monday, August 23, 2004

Sweatshirt jacket

Last week I tried to post two pictures and a post, but somehow when I posted I lost everything except this picture. This is a picture of a jacket made from a ready made sweatshirt. I found the pattern at the quilt show last weekend.

Flower Jacket Posted by Hello

Right now I'm working on a short sleeve shirt that I'm going to wear as a light jacket until the weather gets colder. Then I will make the sweatshirt jacket. I'm going to get started really soon on some knitting. My knitting guild is going to start a sweater in September and I have some other projects in mind that I want to work on this winter. I would also like to work on some socks that I started last year. I actually should probably get those made so I can wear them this winter.

I'm at work right now and some coworkers and I just got back from lunch at the Cracker Barrel. They have some really cute Christmas ornaments there right now. Some pretty blue and white mittens, and snowmen and other things. I also bought a sock monkey ornament. It's really cute. I remember awhile back that Willa from the Knitting Zen web site was working on a sock monkey stocking, I think it was. I think I'm going to go to her site and look it up. Oh dear, I feel a sock monkey obsession coming on...


Chie said...

Very cute! I love those butterflies. :)

Is this a picture of your finished jacket?

Sharon said...

Chie, this is a picture from the pattern sheet. I tried to post a post with the picture last week and something happened and I lost everything except this picture. So, I didn't get a chance to explain. It was really late the night I did it and rather than delete the picture, which would have taken forever at that time, I just went to bed. I'm looking forward to making the jacket though. I hope it looks half as good as this picture. :)