Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sock Monkey Ornament

I was in the Cracker Barrel the other day looking at their Christmas ornaments, and I found this cute Sock Monkey ornament for $2.99. I'm almost positive I saw the exact same ornament on eBay for $12.99. Cracker Barrel has some really cute ornaments and the prices are very reasonable.

Sock Monkey Ornament Posted by Hello

I started thinking about other sock monkey things I might be able to find. Then I remembered awhile back that Willa from Knitting Zen had knitted a Sock Monkey Stocking from the Christmas Stocking book. I thought maybe I would try to knit one too, so I went to my local yarn store and bought the yarn. I couldn't find any wool in the colors that I needed, but I did find some great colors in Plymouth Encore, which is a wool/acrylic blend. I'll post some pictures really soon.

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Chie said...

I love sock monkey too! Everytime I see the sock monkey kit at my local WM, I think about buying one, although I already have one which my Hubby's mom made long time ago. :)
I can't wait to see your stocking. :)