Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disappearing Nine Patch Block

I'm always looking for new, easy quilt blocks and patterns to make. This morning a coworker brought in a quilt that she had been working on at a quilt retreat. It was beautiful, but the pattern was a little more complicated than I wanted to try. So, I was looking up something else quilt related in Google and ran across this easy quilt pattern that I had seen awhile back and forgotten about it. It's called the Disappearing Nine Patch Block. I've been loving nine patch blocks for a really long time. In fact, my very first quilt was a nine patch quilt. I made several nine patch blocks from scrap fabrics in my stash and I made all of the center squares of the nine patches with red fabric. It was so easy and I had a quilt top in no time. My very first one, and it made me feel so good that I could create something so beautiful. Well ... now, I have discovered a wonderful new variation on the nine patch block. I can't believe I haven't known about this before. Here is a Youtube video tutorial describing it.

Now, you see how easy this is. I can't wait to try one. But ... then I saw that pretty quilt in the tutorial and those lovely scallop edges. I have shied away from scallop edges in the past, but the following video makes it look very easy. At least it's presented in a way that I think I could actually do it.

When she was talking about the scallop ruler, I knew I had to order one of those, so I did that. Then I saw this next video on how to make the continuous bias binding for the scallop edges.

Well, then of course, you know I had to get one of those bias rulers too. Maybe I didn't need that ruler. If I were a more seasoned and experienced quilter I could probably figure out how to make those bias strips without it, but for me, it will be much easier to make them with this ruler, so I ordered one of those too. Sigh ... I guess when it comes to quilting, or any project really, one thing calls for another. But, now I really want to learn how to make those scallop edges. I think they are beautiful and add such elegance to a quilt. I have tons of 5" squares, so I can't wait to start working on the disappearing nine patch block. I will post pictures when I get some of it made.

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