Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I recently discovered the most awesome thing I've ever seen. On my local PBS station one night they were doing a feature on Animusic. I just think it's cool. It's just downright hypnotic and relaxing to watch. I've included a video below of one of my favorites.



Traci said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog. I used the long blue loom for the prayer shawl...and you were correct on the Lion's brand. I am a, I don't know details about yarn, etc. I used only the loom and only the length of the loom, I didn't attach two pieces....I think it is 18" long. I used 3 strands...two yarn and one that is sort of clumpy. Make sure you let me know if you make one!!! Good luck!!!

blazedanielle said...

What fun!! I love PBS! :) I hope you've been having a relaxing new year!! :)