Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Knitting Dressup

Monday night I went to my knitting guild meeting. During the first few minutes of every meeting, we go around the room and have show and tell. I took my sock monkey stocking for my show and tell. Some of the women had some of the cutest things. One lady in particular had something that I'm going to make for my 2 1/2 year old niece. My niece likes to play dressup, and I think she would like these things. The lady had some small children's gloves that she had bought at Walmart for $1.24 for two pair. They are little knitted girls gloves and they come in different colors. She had crocheted a cuff onto the gloves with some Lion Brand Fun Fur and they were so cute. She had some pink gloves and had crocheted a cuff with white Fun Fur. She had knitted a hat in the light pink yarn to match the gloves and, holding two strands together (one of her knitting yarn and one of Fun Fur), she made a really cute white brim with that, and then dropped the Fun Fur and just knitted the rest of the hat in white. She also had some white gloves that she had added a crocheted brim in a light green Fun Fur. They were so cute. She said she was making them for her grandchildren. I thought about my niece and how she loves playing dress up and decided to make some things for her, too, for Christmas.

The lady was really nice and told me all about how she made everything. So, last night after work, I went to Walmart and bought a set that had two pair of girls gloves (one white pair and one red pair), and another set with a pair of pink gloves and then a pair of pink gloves with white stripes. They are really cute and I can't get over the fact that they were only $1.24 for a set of two pair. So, I basically got 4 pair of gloves for approximately $2.50. Then I went to the yarn department in Walmart and bought some purple Fun Fur and two skeins of a pretty coral looking Pink (not the hot pink) to make another scarf for myself, and one skein of white Caron Simply Soft yarn to knit a hat with. I already have a purple Fun Fur scarf that I made awhile back for myself, but my niece enjoyed it so much when she was at our house that I decided to give it to her for Christmas. I'm also knitting a white hat with the purple Fun Fur brim, and I'm going to crochet a cuff onto the white gloves with the purple Fun Fur. I think it's going to be really cute and I'll post pictures later. I debated on whether to make her another scarf, but time is running out to get these things finished before Christmas, so I decided to give her my purple Fun Fur scarf to save time and be sure I get the other things finished. I can always make myself another Fun Fur scarf.

One of my coworkers came in this morning wearing her blue Fun Fur scarf that she had made and it was really neat looking. It was kind of a denim blue and very pretty. The pattern for the scarf is on the Lion Brand web site, but what you do is using size 11 knitting needles, cast on 22 stitches. Slip the first stitch as to knit at the beginning of each row. Work even in garter stitch (knit every row) until piece measures 60" or you have 1 1/2 yards of yarn left. Bind off, then weave in loose ends. It takes 2 skeins of the Fun Fur. I get tickled at Eddie because he calls my Fun Fur scarf my "hussy" scarf. He's something else.

I almost forgot to mention something that another lady had that I'm going to make. She was wearing a pretty greenish turquoise color turtle neck sweater. Then she had on a triangle shaped scarf. She had knitted it in garter stitch (knit every row) using one strand of Trendsetters Flora yarn and one strand of Trendsetters Eyelash yarn held together. You start out by casting on about 3 stitches, and then increase a stitch on each end of every row. Keep doing this until the scarf is a big as you want it and then bind off loosely. She said that she does her increases in the second stitch and the next to the last stitch of every row because the yarn is bad about slipping off the needles. The scarf was just so elegant and classy looking. She said the pattern was on the inside of the label of the Trendsetters Flora. Yesterday at lunch I went to my local yarn shop and bought the yarn to make one of those with. I tried to find a color that would go with lots of different things. They were limited in their selection of both, but I bought a multicolored (almost a rainbow color) of the Flora and I bought a skein of the red Eyelash yarn. I forgot to check the label to see if the pattern was there, but I found some directions on the Internet that sounds very similar, so I think I know how to make it. When I finish these gift for my niece, I'm planning to start on the scarf for myself. It will have some red in it so, hopefully, can get it finished to wear for Christmas. Pictures to come later.


Chie said...

First I must say, I just can't thank you enough for bein so generous. I'm looking forward to receiving the yarn, a pattern, and the surprise gift you mentioned. :) This is so exciting! It's just like the Secret Pal Swap at Crochetville. I hope you will like the things I am sending you too. :) It will take some time though to make them, but I am working on it! :D Oh, and one more thing, the RH Light and Lofty yarn can be very hard to work with. the suggested hook I believe is N, but personally I feel it's too small. I am comfortable with the yarn using P (10mm) hook.

Sharon said...

Chie, I am mailing your package today right after work. I needed some time over the weekend to get it all together. I hope you like and enjoy what I'm sending. I'm excited about what you are sending me too! This is fun. :D

I'm working on another fun fur scarf for my niece. Her mom told me this weekend that she wants one for Christmas, so I'm frantically working on it to finish it in time. This particular pattern will be knitted. It's going pretty fast though.