Monday, November 22, 2004

Special Little Corner

Today I was reading in Willa's book Fallen Angel. I just love the description in the book of the main character's special corner in her home.

"She had her special little corner built there: the chair had a needlepoint footstool, a small round table beside the chair with a lamp, a stack of books on a shelf underneath, and an afghan flung over the back of the chair for the nights when it seemed like too much trouble to get up and go to bed."

I hope to make my special corner in our sunroom when it's finished. I would love to have a special corner like that. Eddie and I have bought identical chairs and lamps, and will probably have identical tables too. But, I would love to have a place like that where I can go to read, knit, or write in my journal, especially in the mornings on the weekends. A place to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day. I'm thinking that this area in our new sunroom will be the ideal spot to establish that place.


Chie said...

Such nice idea. :)
Will you pleeez post a photo of your special corcer when it's all done? :) Is your sunroom almost finished?

Sharon said...

Hi Chie :D

Yes our sunroom is progressing nicely. The sheetrock is up and they are in the process of smoothing it out so they can paint it. They are planning to paint next week sometime. also, today they came and cut the opening for the doorway that will go from ou rdining room into the sunroom. I have not seen that, but will when I get home. It's all very exciting. It's coming along now and he builder said he thought they should be finished by next Friday. But, they still have alot to do.

Another thing is tht I went to my orthopedic doctor today because I have been having some trouble with my right knee. It hurts when I stoop down, bend, and go up or down stairs. They took x-rays and he is concerned that I might have a torn ligament in my knee. He has scheduled for me to get an MRI on my knee next Tuesday. If the ligament is torn, he said it will never heal and he will have to do surgery to remove the bad part. he said it is just a day surgery and would be a short recovery time. So, I hope and pray that I don't have to hae surgery. It's just a worst case thing, I think. I guess he wanted to give me the worst thing that might happen. I wasn't even going to go to the doctor, but Eddie insisted that I go. I'm glad in a way that he did, but I was discouraged by what I learned.

Chie said...

Oh Sharon, I pray that you won't have to have a surgery. I hope the pain will go away soon. I too think that you still should go see a doctor. I know it's scary and worrysome, but just IF anything is wrong, we want it taken care of! :)
And thank you again so much for your kindness. I have been working on secret gifts. ;)