Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dressup Finished!

I finally finished the dressup scarf, hat and gloves for my 2 and 1/2 year old great niece. I think she will really have fun with these. They came out really well, except I noticed that the color lot seems to be different between the scarf and the hat and gloves. The hat and gloves are the same color, but the scarf seems to be from a different dye lot. I hope this doesn't matter and that maybe it will not be noticed. I also made an identical Fun Fur scarf for my niece (the great nieces' mother). I guess she saw the one that I had that her daughter was playing with and decided she wanted one too. I'm glad they like them well enough to both want one. I thought it would be fun if they had the same color scarves.

Hat and Gloves Posted by Hello

Fun Fur Scarf Posted by Hello


Chie said...

They are really nice! :) I'm pretty sure your neice will love them! :) I never tried to work with fun fur until yesterday, and boy it was hard! You did a great job with the scarf, Sharon! I've been making the stocking with the chenille yarn, but it's not going so well... :'( I think there are some errors on the Lion Brand's pattern. It looks like I am going to have to frog it and start over again with other pattern. Wish me luck! :)

Sharon said...

Chie, I do wish you luck on the stocking. I never got as far as you did to notice any mistakes in the pattern. My problem was that the crochet hook that the pattern called for seemed to be too small for the weight of the chenille yarn. So, it made the stitches seem small and hard for me to see. That's where I gave up. If that fails for you, there is another pattern (I think it's Lion Brand) that is a scarf pattern that you can use the yarn for. It's really easy and you can probably crochet it in about an hour or two, or less. I crocheted one for myself a couple of years ago and it's so soft and warm. Let me know and I will find the pattern for you on the Lion Brand web site. All is not lost. If you have trouble with the stockings, we can get a pretty red scarf for you! :D You can also use the Fun Fur to make a fun scarf, but you really need two skeins to make a nice, long scarf. It is a knitted scarf. To make it, you use size 11 needles and cast on about 14 stitches. Then knit every row, making sure that you slip (as to knit) the first stich of every row and knit the rest of the stitches in the row. It's really fun and easy and the scarf is really pretty and fun. I think you would enjoy it. Let me know how it goes. :D