Monday, December 06, 2004

Knitting Withdrawal

I think I wrote about the sunroom being finished sometime last week. The electrician is supposed to come back today and begin to finish installing the wall outlets, hang the ceiling fan and finish some other electrical things in the house.

The room looks beautiful. And that's just with the paint on the wall, white trim on the windows and no kind of window treatments on the windows. I'm almost tempted to leave it as it is, but my need for privacy at night prevails in this case. I really want to put some valances on the windows to add color and warmth to the room, and some shades for privacy at night. Yesterday we asked 4 different people to come and give us their ideas for the room because we needed help. Another unexpected person came by and we asked her opinion too. We got some great input and ideas for window treatments and furniture arrangement. Almost too much information. I think I had a glazed look on my face when everyone left.

Over the weekend we went to Hancock Fabrics and found some fabric on sale, which we bought for the windows. But, we also found another source for some fabric that I might also might buy. I decided that I could have two different fabrics for the valances and maybe switch them out by season. This has been really hard to find something we both can agree on. Eddie is getting the shades cut today.

I really want to knit. But I can't. I need to, have to, make these valances before I wear out and just don't do it. I'm really having some knitting withdrawal right now. Eddie and I have a goal to have everything finished and furniture in the room, by the weekend. That means that when I leave work today I'm going to the second place to look at fabric, if I find anything I like I will buy it, then go home and start measuring and cutting the fabric out for the valances. If I have time I'm going to sew some. I hope I can get them finished by this weekend. I have to make 8 valances. I can always take some time later to make the second set. That is if I find more fabric that I like.

I think we are both feeling glazed right now. We are ready to finish this up.

And Eddie, bless his heart, is doing all of the Christmas present wrapping so I can sew. That's how badly he wants to get this room finished.


Chie said...

You are almost there Sharon! Soon you are gonna have all beautifully completed sunroom. :)

I sent you an e-mail last night. ;)

Sharon said...


Eddie called me this morning and told me that the electrician is there and will be finished today! I'm so excited. Last night I sewed 2 valances for the windows. Now I have 6 left to sew. I even put them up on the windows to see how they are going to look. I'm happy with them. Eddie is hanging the shades today. We are very excited about the room. It is finally coming together. We have some outside things to do, but inside, it is finished. It seems that when I get home at night, it's dark, so I haven't been able to take any pictures. I'm going to as soon as I can get good daylight and it's not raining. It has been raining buckets for the last two days, and it's near 70 degrees, which is unusual for this tine of year in this area. We are getting a break today and tomorrow, but it is supposed to start raining again on Thursday and get cold again.

How is the weather where you are? Cold, warm?