Thursday, July 29, 2004

Yarn Shop Mystery

My local yarn shop has been closed for the past two weeks taking inventory. I have been having withdrawals, so I called again today to see if they had reopened. The lady who answered I recognized as one of the owners. She said they had not reopened and that there was another lady who was trying to buy their inventory. I said, "Oh, are you closing?" She never gave me a straight answer, she just said that this lady was trying to buy their inventory and she hedged and hemmed and hawed and said that until the bank told this lady something one way or the other, they could not reopen. She said she should know something today or tomorrow and that if for some reason the lady did not buy their inventory, they would reopen. ???? What's up with that? Very peculiar. I talked with a coworker of mine who said she thought that one of the owners had been sick and maybe they were trying to sell the shop. What I want to know is if the new person buys the inventory, are they going to open their own shop, perhaps bigger and better, or will it close for good? If they close it won't be for lack of business because every time I go in there, there are people everywhere and they have knitting classes that are always full and have a waiting list.

I really, really hope it doesn't close for good because we have no yarn/knitting shops at all in our city. You have to drive for at least 2 hours to get to another one. Another frustrating thing is that they are the only store in my city that has the Brittany double pointed knitting needles (for knitting socks and hats and other things) and a wide selection of Brittany and Addi-turbo circular needles. No one else has these, which means that we would be resigned to ordering them off the Internet and have to pay shipping, which costs almost as much as the item you are ordering.

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