Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Down Time

There has not been much going on with me for the past week. I have been taking a little down time because on Friday, my uncle (by marriage) passed away and we went to his military funeral on Monday afternoon. It was a very nice full military service, but it was sad at the same time. He was a veteran of World War II and I didn't realize that he had so many medals including a bronze star and a purple heart. The really sad part for me was when they folded up the American flag and presented it to my cousin (his son). It was very moving.

I haven't been doing very much this week with knitting or anything else really, except I did knit my very first Preemie Hat last week. It came out really cute. I had gone to my knitting guild meeting the previous Monday and saw several of these cute hats that one of the members had made. She gave me the pattern and I couldn't wait to try one. I'll be making some more later on. I also decided to try to finish a vest that I had started last year and had put aside because I was tired of working on it. I decided that I wanted to finish it in the next few weeks, because my knitting guild is going to start a sweater in September. I didn't want to have too many unfinished projects while knitting the sweater. The vest is knitted in 4 sections and I'm on the last section. One problem is that in the knitting directions it says to reverse the shaping that you did on another section. In other words, right now I'm working on the left front and for the pattern, it said to knit the same way I knitted the right front only reversing the shaping. It was very hard to figure out how to do that, but I finally figured it out. The problem now is that I have had to frog several rows and restart them about 5 times because for some reason I either wasn't paying attention (watching TV and knitting at the same time) or something because I would knit a few rows and it didn't look right and I knew I had done something wrong. I finally got a little frustrated with it and I've put it aside again for a short while, but I'm going back to it soon. I'm just going to have to pay better attention so I can get this thing finished. I really want to wear it this winter. I love the look of the vest, so I can't wait to finish it. Maybe that's part of my problem.

I also finished knitting a chemo hat. I'm at work right now, but when I get home tonight I'll post pictures.

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