Monday, June 18, 2012


I never posted about this on my blog because I was so heartbroken about it, but about a month ago we lost our beloved cat, Heckle to a leukemia cancer.  He had had all of his vaccinations, so I couldn't figure out why he got it.  The vet said that it was old age mostly, that when cats reach a certain age, they start to get these kinds of things.  Heckle was 16.

Ever since he died I've been missing him something terrible.  He was such a good cat, had his own personality and was just like having another little person in the house.  He loved to be loved on and petted.  It was so tragic when he got sick and near the end he just didn't resemble himself at all.  The illness took it's toll on him.  After he died, I lit a candle one day and had a little memorial service and talked to him and it made me feel better and gave me closure.

That was a little over a month ago.  One of my cousins has a cat who had 4 kittens about 6 weeks ago.  She posted pictures of them on Facebook and they are so darned cute!  Well, my mind started churning thinking about it and I asked Eddie about adopting one of the kittens.  He said ok and then we started talking about getting 2 kittens.  Now, we are going to adopt 2 of the kittens.  We're very excited, at least I am.  I think Eddie is too, he just isn't saying much.  I think he misses Heckle too and just have that warm presence in the house.  So, on Saturday we are planning to get them.  I've posted a few pictures here that my cousin has posted on Facebook over the last few weeks.  She took these pictures with her camera phone, so they are not very clear, but I think you can get the idea of what they look like.

The ones we are planning to get are the gray and white one and the striped tabby one with white feet.  They are so cute!

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