Friday, May 04, 2012


In my last post, I talked about changing the title of my blog because I wanted it to include alot of everything that goes on in my life and not just the knitting and crocheting.  I decided to change the title of my blog to The Farmer's Granddaughter.  The reasoning behind this is because I am a farmer's granddaughter and and since my grandfather died when I was only about 6 years old, I never got to know him very well.  All I have are stories my mother has told me about her mom and dad.  And everyone in the family called them Mom and Dad, even the grandchildren.  I have a picture, that I will post later, of me and my grandmother, but I was very small and I don't remember her at all.  The main memory I have of my grandfather is of me jumping in his lap every time I would go and visit.  As soon as I walked in the door to their house, I would run and jump in his lap and he would say, "Dad's 'ole sweet baby."  I held on to this precious memory for so many years thinking that this term of endearment was mine alone.  Sadly, I found out later that he said this to ALL of his granddaughters, not just me.  But, that's ok.  I still hold on to that memory and bring it out every now and then when I'm needing to feel loved.

My mother has told me many stories about her childhood.  She was the youngest of 7 other children on the farm that her father owned and worked himself with the help of his sons and grandsons.  There are so many stories that she has told me and I won't tell them all in this post, but I'll tell more later.  The main reason I wanted to name my blog the way I did is because I want to have a connection to my grandparents.  Since they both died when I was so small, I really missed out on having grandparents to love and nurture me.  My dad's parents were divorced and I ever saw his dad at all.  He was just a very strange and distant man who had no use for me or the rest of his family either, apparently.  My dad's mother was the closest thing to a grandparent I ever had in my life and even she was distant at times.  She had alot more contact with her other grandchildren than she ever did with me, for some reason.  My cousins all talk about all the wonderful memories they had of her, I a few memories, but not as many as they do.  Anyway, I digress.  I think that if my mom's parents had been a little younger when I was born I would have had wonderfully loving grandparents.  There is no doubt of that in my mind.  So, naming this blog is a way for me to have a connection to them and especially my grandmother because she was a farmer's wife and homemaker.  She grew her own garden and canned all of her vegetables and probably lots more things that I don't even know about.  But, the most intriguing thing about her to me is that she was a quiltmaker.  She must have passed the gene down to me because I am a quiltmaker too.  I also have alot of other interests.  I hope, by changing the name of my blog, this will allow me to be more flexible in my blog posts.  Hopefully, I will blog more often and not worry that just because I don't have a knitting project going on that I have nothing to blog about.  I will also post pictures too because I know how boring it is to go to a blog with no pictures.  I'm mean, we're all about the visual, right?  Plus, pictures on others' blogs give me so much pleasure and are so inspiring.  So, until next time...

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Paula said...

I'm looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) more, Sharon! I think the new blog name is perfect.