Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spring Creek Retreat

We just got back on Sunday from another amazing weekend at Spring Creek Retreat. It was a wonderfully relaxing, restorative trip. We had lots of fun frolicking in the creek. I have some pictures to share. The first picture is of an amazing nature made creek that is in the caretaker's front yard. I can't believe how beautiful this creek is. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to come home to this every day after a long day at work and unwind. The sound was amazing too. The next time we go, I'm going to see if I can borrow a video camera and film it so that I can get the sound. This picture doesn't even do the creek justice. You just have to see in person.

This next picture is of a really odd looking, but beautiful mushroom that we saw on the grounds of the creek house.

Here is a yellow mushroom that we found when we were walking on one of the trails.

As we were walking on the trail we went through this amazing covering that was so cool looking. Eddie said it looked like a rainforest.

I also took a picture of algae that was growing in the creek. This picture was taken during one of our trail walks. I can't believe how beautiful the algae is and how well it shows up through the water.

The house that we stayed in had a forest theme with forest wallpaper border and in the laundry room there was this cute little wooden birdhouse. I took a picture of it because I want to try to make one of my own.

We always have a wonderful time at Spring Creek. In my mind, I'm still there and I want to go back really soon.

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Farm Chick Paula said...

That looks like a beautiful place, Sharon! I love the little birdhouse too- if you make one be sure and let me know how you did it!