Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Tote Bag and Embroidery

I just added a new tote bag to my Etsy shop. You can find it here.

I also want to show you what I've been working on the past couple of weeks. I have been looking at lots of free embroidery patterns for pillowcases on the Internet and I found this wonderful blog. Well, shoot, I just went to the site and realized that some of the photos of the patterns are not available in Flickr. So, hopefully, this is just a Flickr problem and not that the blog owner decided not to offer them for free anymore. Yikes! I'll keep a check on that and let you know later.

Anyway,I found a pretty pattern from that blog that I wanted to try and I wanted to show you the results. First, I found a pair of king size lavender pillowcases at Big Lots that were Wamsutta and 100% combed cotton for $3.00 a pair. Now, you know I couldn't pass that up, so I bought them to embroider for my mother-in-law for Christmas. This is the result:

The picture really doesn't do the pillowcase color justice. It's a really pretty soft lavender color. The embroidery shows up much better in person.

After I made these for my mother-in-law, I loved them so much that I decided to make a pair for me and Eddie. I've finished one of them and I'm working on the other one. I think the embroidery shows up much better on the white.

It was really busy at work last week. Our classes started at the college where I work and I have been busy, busy training new student help to work in our library. The first couple of weeks are always hectic, so I hope that within the next couple of weeks things settle down some.

I've also been practicing my piano. So far, I can play Frere Jacques and Merrily We Roll Along with both hands. ha ha It's not much at this point, but it's fun and I think I'm making progress.

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blazedanielle said...

So pretty! I have a similar pillowcase! :) it has butterflies on it!