Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No More Free Vogart Embroidery Patterns

I have some information about why some of the free embroidery patterns did not show up in Flickr from my previous entry about free pillowcase patterns. See Floresita's blog post here. I just realized that the finished pillowcase that I posted a picture of in my blog is one of the patterns that has been withdrawn. I really hate that she had to do pull the patterns, but I also understand why.

I've been working on some more tote bags. See my new listings here. I've really had alot of fun making these tote bags and I hope to make some more soon.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sharon, I love your new totes!! Cute colors and patterns.

I'm excited at the prospect that Plaid may re-issue the old Vogart patterns, wouldn't that be nice?!

Smiles, Karen

Sharon said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed making them. I hope, too, that Plaid re-issues the old Vogart patterns. They are classics.