Monday, June 18, 2007


I've been wanting to learn tatting for awhile now, but was afraid because it looked really complicated. I bought a couple of inexpensive shuttles and some thread and tried, but failed because I just couldn't get the hang of using a shuttle. Then I discovered needle tatting. I had heard that needle tatting was easier to learn and do than shuttle tatting.

There is a new store that opened up in the mall that has lots of handmade stuff and classes to learn how to do some of it. I found out that there is a needle tatting class. I talked to the teacher and told her I would think about it. I was still afraid to try it, even with a needle. The shop had a needle size 5-0 and some size 10 thread. I looked some stuff up on the Internet and found this really helpful site with clear instructions and diagrams. I worked up my nerve and went to the shop and bought the needle and some thread. I printed off the instructions and went home and tried it. I had a few setbacks at first, but I was determined to learn how to tat or know the reason why I couldn't. I discovered that there is also a book that is very helpful in learning tatting with some pictures and instructions. In fact, the same lady who has this web site is the same one who wrote the book. The book is titled Learn Needle Tatting Step-By-Step by Barbara Foster. It's on her web site. I paid $13.00 for my copy at the shop. Anyway, once I got the hang of the double stitch, which is the only stitch you have to learn in tatting, I decided to try the bookmark that is in the book and this is what I produced.

I went on to make a second bookmark using a peach colored variegated thread (DMC Pearl Cotton no. 5) and a medallion in white using DMC no. 5. I tried to take pictures of both projects so I could post them here, but my rechargeable batteries in my digital camera died. I put some regular batteries in and they lasted maybe a day and I didn't even take that many pictures. My camera must really pull on the battery power. I just hope it's the batteries and not my camera.

Anyway, I was really happy with what I made. It's not perfect, but I'm actually amazed that I was able to make it considering how insecure I felt before I started. Now I want to make some bookmarks for gifts and also some round wreath or medallions to put on some Christmas cards to send this year. There are examples of those in the book too.

When I get my camera battery issue straightened out I will post pictures of the other bookmark and wreath that I made.

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