Friday, October 15, 2004

Still Embroidering Pillowcases

I have let almost everything else fall by the wayside because I have been embroidering pillowcases. I'm still doing it. They are turning out really pretty, but I'm getting tired of doing it. I'm ready to start knitting again. And I am doing some knitting when I just can't do the pillowcases anymore. I need to be working on the sweater that my knitting guild is working on, but I don't seem to have much interest in that either. I think that all started when my gauge didn't work out right to begin with. I finally found a gauge that I could live with, but I had to go up a sweater size, and my stitches still look alot looser than everyone else's. I don't know that the sweater would be a see through, which I don't want, but I'm just not sure I would be satisfied with it once it's knitted. So, I'm kind of avoiding it.

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Chie said...

Ah, I know exactly how I feel. In fact, my current WIPs are all like that... I started them, but I'm not that interested in working on them any more.... How sad. But it happens a lot to me, especially when I KNIT.