Friday, September 10, 2004

Sock Monkey Pictures

I have been a little out of pocket the last few days. My aunt passed away yesterday afternoon and the funeral is tomorrow. But, today I decided to take a picture of the progress, so far, of my sock monkey stocking. I think it's coming along pretty well, even though I thought it looked pretty big. When I took the picture it didn't look too big. I used the size needles the pattern calls for. I couldn't find the yarn the pattern calls for at my yarn shop and I didn't want to have to order off the Internet and pay shipping, so I bought Plymouth Encore in a Red, a sort of offwhite (not bright white), and a heathered beige that seemed close to the sock monkey body. It was the closest the yarn store had, anyway. The color numbers are 1886, 148, and 1415 and I bought one skein of each. I can't tell you which numbers go with which colors because I have already taken the labels off and gotten them mixed up.

Sock Monkey2 Posted by Hello

The picture below is from the Christmas Stockings book and is what the stocking is supposed to look like when I finish. I hope it resembles it in some small way. Knitting it right now is really helping me to get through this funeral business.

Sock Monkey Stocking Posted by Hello

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