Monday, August 12, 2013

Small Joys

My good friend, Linda Sue, and I are enamored with American Girl dolls.  She has Samantha and Nellie and I have Samantha, Kit and Ruthie.  She made the above stove for me from a cardboard box.  I was just amazed at her creativity.  This little stove looks very real.  She said that when she was growing up they didn't have much money and they had to be resourceful.  Also, when her 3 boys were small she had to do the same thing.  Her favorite quote is, "Necessity is the mother of invention."
We have had so much fun with these dolls.  I guess you could say we are reliving our second childhood with them.  Being an only child I never had many playmates, so I would play by myself with my dolls, creating stories, etc.  It's fun now later in life to have another friend who enjoys them as much as I do.  Small joys.

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