Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Chef King

Every day is a little bit better since Eddie's bypass surgery.  That was a real scare for both of us.  And a wakeup call.  We've both been trying to eat healthier more now than ever before.  The other night he decided to cook some balsamic chicken and pork on a small griddle that we have.  It's the kind that you put on top of the stove and when you cook your meat, it has grill marks like you have cooked it on the outside grill.  Only one problem, yuck ... cleaning.  I hate this thing.  The meat is pretty when it's finished, but the darned griddle is a pain in the patootie to clean.  So ... if we ever get it clean this time, we'll definitely be using aluminum foil or something else the next time.  IF we ever get it clean.  We've tried everything.  Right now it has oven cleaner on it.  We'll see how it goes.  Anyway ... I took some photos of Eddie cooking.  He was sitting down and wearing one of my aprons, but he was enjoying every minute of it.  Also, the meat looks really good on the griddle.  It tasted great too and I think we're having leftovers tonight!

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