Monday, December 05, 2011


This weekend while I was at The Gathering Place with Melba, I saw her take out a really small camera and take a picture of a gingerbread man that she thought she might be able to make.  As I was watching her I remembered that I had intended to bring my own camera and left my house in such a rush, that I forgot it.  It got me to thinking about how clunky my camera is and how heavy it is when I have to carry it around when shopping.  You never know when you want to take a picture and usually I have no camera with me.  So, I decided to buy myself a really small digital camera that I can carry in my purse all the time.  It's not much bigger than a cell phone and there is a pocket in my purse where I can keep it and it will be convenient for me any time I want to take a quick photo.  It's also small enough to fit into a fanny pack, which is what Melba had with her on Saturday.  This little camera was on sale at Sears for $59.99.  I did have to buy a photo card, but that was on sale for $7.99.  This is what it looks like:

I didn't even read any reviews, I just winged it and went and bought it, so who knows what I'm in for.  But, I do have another Fujifilm Finepix larger digital camera and it's great, so hopefully this one will be ok too.

Here are some more pictures that I took with it this morning.  Just a few photos around my office.  First, my ribbon tree that I made this year for Christmas.

Next a little push pin beaded kind of tree that I made last year.

Then a couple of my African Violets that are in my office.

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