Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Gathering Place

Yesterday I had the most wonderful afternoon. I went to Dayton to visit my cousin Melba, and we went to this wonderful place called The Gathering Place.  The link is here. It was so wonderful. While we were there, Melba's daughters, Karol and Sheila met us there. We had the best time. The Gathering Place looks like this:

I also love Melba's house. I love the way she has it decorated. She has a simple, country theme with lamps on her kitchen counters, country washtubs and dried flowers hanging from the ceiling. It's just awesome.

Here is a picture of the beautiful dried flowers in her kitchen.  I would love to take a camera and take more pictures. I always feel so inspired after I've visited her home. 

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Robin said...

Those are nice pictures Sharon. Your friend is good at decorating a warm home.