Monday, March 03, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

Friday night was the opening night in our city for the movie The Other Boleyn Girl. My friend Susan took me to see it for my birthday. We both really enjoyed the movie. In addition, she gave me a lovely doll that she made for me, but I forgot to bring the picture that I took of her with me today so you could see.

My cousin recently won a world-wide award through AC Photos for a photo that she took called "How to Completely Disappear."

Seeing her photos on her myspace page has renewed my interest in photography. She is a talented artist and photographer. She even has one of her watercolors on her myspace page that is available as a print.

It's called "The Gathering" and is an 18"x30" and giglee' prints are available.


blazedanielle said...

What fun! I would love to check out that movie! :) I'm always in the mood for something fun! :)

Sharon said...

It was a great movie. Another friend told me about the movie "Elizabeth" and another one called "Queen". I can't wait to see those two.