Thursday, November 01, 2007

African Violets

Within the past couple of years I have fallen in love with African Violets. I could never grow them before (in fact, they died when I tried) until I discovered self-watering pots. I believe this is the real secret for growing African Violets. Well, that and a couple of other things.

For one, I always use an African Violet potting mix and I always water with Schultz Liquid African Violet food. Plus, I have placed them directly under the flourescent lights in my office. I have 4 African Violets at home in my sunroom and the one above is one of them. I do believe they love the fluorescent lights better because the ones I have at work are thriving. The ones are home bloom, but not as much as the ones at work. I also keep all of the dead flowers and ugly leaves trimmed off. I believe it helps to promote new growth and blooms. I just check the bowl about once every couple of weeks and when it gets low, I add more water with the food. So far, it's been easy peasy.

Everyone who comes into my office comments on my HUGE African Violet. I just trimmed it back this week, cleaning off the dead leaves and blooms, but just as soon as it blooms again, I'll post a picture of it. It's similar to the one above, only the blooms are a beautiful pink. I think it's a ruffled varietgated version.

I have gone to several different sites that talk about growing perfect African Violets. I don't really know anything about that. I just know what has been working for me and all I know is that I love them. They are just beautiful and they make me happy.

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