Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The World Can Wait

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately at work. Just so many people needing help, having questions. I work in an academic library and am responsible for hiring, training and supervising about 7 student workers in addition to all of my other work. I'm still amazed at the number of people who can't comprehend the simplest tasks. It's tiring and draining. I told a friend the other day that I felt like I was being picked to death by buzzards. Anyway that, along with so many different projects going with on with deadlines demanding more and more of my time, has left me feeling burned out. I'm pretty sure I can attribute part of it to the fact that we haven't had a real vacation in about 5 years. I mean the kind where we can go somewhere for a week, like the beach, and just relax. We haven't taken these because we've always been able to go to Spring Creek Retreat. But a couple that we usually go with have decided that they don't want to go anymore. They said it's too much packing and getting ready for just a couple of days. I think the reason is that one of the people in the relationship probably got stuck with doing everything with no help from the other person. Because my cousin works for the company, we only have to pay for the cleaning fee for the weekend, which is not bad compared to the normal rate. But if we get enough people to go we can divide the cleaning fee up and it's really cheap. But if we don't get enough people to go, then it's more. My cousin doesn't seem to want to go unless we have at least 8 people to go. It's getting harder and harder to find 8 people who will commit. Most people are wishy washy about it. At any rate, we had planned to go this past Spring and actually booked it for 2 different weekends. The problem is that if a paying guest wants it we have to let them have it and that's what happened both times. We were bumped. So, we haven't been able to go this year. I'm feeling it.

Between the work situation and not having a vacation, I remembered a Hallmark ecard that my friend sent to me awhile back when I was sick. It has a wonderful message. I love it.

Comfy jammies,
cozy bed
Big soft pillow
for your head
Worry NOT
The world can wait.
Take your time,

Sometimes I think we all need to just say The World Can Wait and take a sick day from work. We need to take time for ourselves.

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