Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beaded Book Thongs

I've been making beaded jewelry lately, like earrings and bracelets and I even made a couple of keyrings, but the thing I have found to be the most fun and quick to make are beaded bookmarks, or book thongs. I saw them for the first time in Books-A-Million one day at the checkout desk. I was so tempted to by one because they were so pretty, but then I realized that I have all kinds of beads, spacers, and other materials and that there is no reason in the world why I can't make them. I did an image search in Google and on Etsy and other places to get some ideas, went and bought some cord and got busy. So busy, in fact, that I made all of these. I showed them to some friends and said here is something else that I made that no one will want to buy. Pity party, pity party. One of my friends said that he works for a Christian organization and that if I would make some with religious or Christian charms he could sell them for me to them who might want them to give as gifts or to use themselves. It's a good idea, but I haven't been able to find a good source for nice religious charms. Not expensive ones because I can't afford that, but something that is nice and well made and at a price that I can afford. I need to keep my material cost low so that I can charge a reasonable price to buyers. I have so many of the book thongs now that I will never use them all, so I'm considering either putting them on my Etsy store or selling them some other way.

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