Friday, February 02, 2007

Socks and Snow

I finished a pair of socks last night and I'm really pleased with them. I really like the way the pattern evolved using this yarn. I used Sockotta in color 505.

This is what was outside our house yesterday morning.

It wasn't much, but it was enough to cause the college where I work to delay opening until noon. I was hoping for the whole day off, but it was nice to have a late morning for a change. My brother, who lives about an hour outside of Chicago, would laugh. This snowfall, which was around 2 inches, would be nothing to him. It would be a drop in the bucket compared what they usually get. I guess the south is just not prepared for major snow. We don't get it that much, so we don't have the equipment to handle it the way other places do who get a lot of snow. This snowfall wasn't bad at all. In fact, the roads were cleared really quickly right afterward so there wasn't any trouble at all as far as I know. I didn't have any trouble driving in to work.

I was glad to see it because we have not had snow in several years. There was the blizzard of 1993 when we got 21". Every time there is a forecast for any kind of snow, I guess everyone panics because they go to the grocery store and clean out the bread and milk. No one wants to get stranded again like we all did that year.


Chie said...

Beautiful knitting, Sharon!
I have never yet knitted socks... They just look so hard to make. I'm so used to the ease and crochet hooks now! :D
Love the snow. I wish it snowed here too. It's been just too warm. :( Have a great weekend, Sharon!

Sharon said...

Chie, I know you would love making socks if you ever decide to try. You do such good work that you wouldn't have any trouble at all. There are some patterns in crochet for socks that I have seen. I really like crochet too because it's much faster than knitting. I started a new pair of socks. I'll take a picture and post it soon.