Friday, June 02, 2006

New Purse

I've been really lazy lately. I haven't been interested in doing anything much. I did see a purse I wanted to make, though. I was in the Hobby Lobby fabric department one day buying fabric and the lady in front of me asked me if I was making a purse. I told her that I made tote bags and sometimes purses. She said that she made purses and she had one with her that she had made. It was really cute. She had made it out of comic book fabric and it had some fuzzy fur around the top. I asked her several questions about it because I knew that it was the kind of purse that I would like and want to make. She said it was from either a Simplicity or McCall's pattern, she couldn't remember which, and she told me that she had gotten the purse handles right there at Hobby Lobby. I thanked her for the information and I went over to the pattern department and started looking up the purse patterns. I found the one that I thought it might be in the McCall's pattern book. It's M4885. I waited until Hancock's had a sale and I got the pattern for 99 cents. The one I made is view B, but I really like view F too, and may make one later on like that.

I found some really pretty black and white toile fabric in the sale bin at Hobby Lobby that I thought would make a cute purse. I bought some black handles and I was in business. I think the purse came out really cute. It was a really easy pattern. If I made it, it must be easy because I'm not that good of a sewer. I have another one started, but haven't begun sewing on it yet. It's a pink toile. I really want to make one with fall colors, but I haven't found anything yet.


Chie said...

Oh what a nice bag!!!
Craft stores are having such nice little things like handles and embelishments to make bags nowadays, everytime I go to craft stores, I feel like sewing! I'm not good at sewing, and I'm pretty much a perfectionist so whenever I try sewing I frustrate myself really badly. :D
You did a great job on your bag! :)

Anonymous said...

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