Sunday, October 23, 2005


I haven't been posting for awhile, and I've been working on several different projects for Christmas and other things. I must have ADD because I seem to go from one thing to the next alot. Right now it's socks. I'm in the mood for knitting socks. I've finished one sock and I'm over halfway finished with the second sock in this pair. I am loving this sock yarn. It's Opal Lollipop sock yarn and the color is 1010. I love the way the color stripes evolve as I'm knitting.

I love Opal sock yarns, but none of my local yarn stores carry that brand, so I have to order them over the Internet. You can go to this site and see almost all the shades available in this yarn. I especially love the Lollipop, Brazil, and I just ordered some yarn in Petticoat and Fish in the Rain Forest Collection. I really wanted to order some more, but I already have quite a stash from some sock yarn that I have bought at my LYS. They have a pretty good selection of self-striping yarns, but I wish they would start selling Opal. I know there are some other good ones out there and I would love to try them sometime.


Anonymous said...

those socks look so cute! i should get me some opal in that colour.i have the petticoat sock yarn and love it altho i havent knitted socks yet in it...soon!
earth mother

Chie said...

Wow those socks are so cute!
I love those colors, Sharon!
I haven't started on Christmas gifts, but I really don't think I have time for it this year. I have MANY things I want to make though... actually way too many, and I don't know which one to start with anyways! LOL