Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Shawlette Continued ...

I went this past Saturday and bought the ribbon yarn for the shawlette. After I got home with it I decided I didn't like it because it has alternating sections in it where the yarn is a solid ribbon, then another section where the yarn is sort of split into two smaller sections. It's hard to describe, but when knitting with it, I was having trouble seeing where I had knit the solid part of the ribbon and where I was knitting the split part. It was a headache. So, I just sort of put it aside. Then last night I went to my knitting guild meeting and got some fresh ideas for yarn to use for the shawlette. One person told me that our LYS was going to be getting in some Aurora yarn and it's 750 yds on a ball or cone for around $8 or so. She had already made a shawlette in this yarn and it was gorgeous. The price is much less than what I paid for the yarn that I don't even like. Someone else also said that the shawlette could be made from the Tartelette yarn. I happened to remember that I had bought several skeins of that awhile back for a shell that I never got around to making, so I decided to use that to make the shawlette. I started it last night and I love knitting with it, and I think it's going to be really soft. In the meantime, I'm waiting for some of the Aurora to come in at my LYS. I'm thinking maybe shawlettes for Christmas gifts.

I'll probably use that other yarn for some scarves or something like that. I hope to have a picture soon of the shawlette that I'm working on.

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