Monday, April 29, 2013

A Little Bling ...

I haven't polished my fingernails in a really long time other than just clear polish.  I actually didn't use to have very long nails because I used to bite my nails.  Thank God, I don't do that anymore.  Today I decided to polish them and I'm thrilled with the way they came out.  This is Sally Hansen 10 day no chip polish.  I'll use rubber gloves when I'm cleaning and washing dishes and hopefully they will last a little while.  After I polished them and saw how pretty they looked I decided to get some of my rings and dress my hands up a little bit with some bling.  I know ladies who wear lots of rings, but I've just never been one to do that.  I've collected a few rings over the years.  Most of them costume rings.  The Amethyst one does have real diamonds.  I bought it several years ago and put it in the layaway.  That's something I never do for myself either is put expensive jewelry in the layaway or even buy it at all, for that matter.  Buying this one was more of a once in a lifetime thing.  I just never spend money on what I consider luxury items like that.  Anyway, I was just fooling around this afternoon with my camera and rings  It was fun.
It got me to thinking about having fun and the commercial I've been seeing with Debbie Boone for Lifestyle Lift.  I'll never do anything like that, but I do like what one lady said.  She said, "I believe that if there is something you can do for yourself to make you feel good about yourself, absolutely go do it."  I think that applies to anything that you want to do to make yourself feel good.  Such as buying a new dress, or getting a new hairstyle, something as simple as polishing your nails or anything that will make you happy and feel good.  Go ahead and diva yourself up once in awhile.

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