Monday, February 25, 2013

Vintage Korean Change Purses

Today is my birthday and one of my best friends gave me a beautiful vintage change purse.

I just love this little change purse!
I didn't realize how much until I remembered how vintage and unique they are.  My mother has a small vintage beaded change purse that she keeps her spare change in.  She had used it so long that some of the beads were falling off and it was literally falling apart.  I found her another newer purse, not beaded, but she loved it just the same.

My new change purse prompted me to look for some historical information on it and try to date it.  One source I found said that these purses were from the 50's and another one said the 60's.

In my searching, I also found some pictures of others that are similar.  They are so pretty!

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Paula said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Sharon! Those little purses are all so adorable... but the one your friend gave you is the prettiest of them all! :)