Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Pocketful of Posies

Our library just cataloged a wonderful new children's book by author and illustrator Salley Mavor.  She is a brilliant needleworker and this new book Pocketful of Posies is illustrated completely in what she calls fabric relief pages.  The pages are just full of beautiful embroidery, needlework and all kinds of cute, whimsical creatures that she has made herself.  Each page is created by gluing or attaching in some way the embroidery, etc. to a backround fabric and then are photographed for the book.

I'm very intrigued and interested by this type of art and she has also written a book with actual projects that you can do yourself.  The book is titled Felted Wee Folk.

I went ahead and ordered an inexpensive used copy of the book.  I'm always interested in how others make their artwork and how the artwork is used.  I think it's really interesting how she has used her art to illustrate children's books.

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