Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Origami Cranes

I've been away from here for awhile.  I've been working on different things, but I really have nothing to show for most of it.  I seem to be going from one thing to the next lately.  I've been working on something fun, though.  I have always wanted to learn origami, but never had the courage to try it.  I learned to make an origami crane and then I made more origami cranes and then I thought, what in the heck am I going to do with all these cranes?  So, I decided to make a couple of origami crane mobiles.  I made one for the bedroom and one for the sunroom.  Now, I can't seem to stop making them, so I'll probably end of making more for the house.

This one is one I made for the bedroom.

This is the one I made for the sunroom.

I really think they are pretty and I love looking at them.  There is something relaxing about seeing them gently flying.

Oh, there is one other thing ... I bought a Kindle from Amazon last month and I absolutely love reading on it.

And the other exciting thing is that our library dean in the library where I work is buying us all iPad 2's. I've never had one before and I've coveted the ones that others have, so I'm looking forward to getting it and using it work pleasure as well as work.


Paula said...

Sharon those are beautiful! At least you have a good excuse for being away so long... just don't let it happen again. *wink*
Now I have ipad envy.... hehe

Robin said...

Hi Sharon!

What a great idea for the cranes. Ray does origami too and we have loads of those. Now I know what we can do with them. Thanks for the great idea!
Glad you're back.

Linda said...

I love your origami cranes and their beautiful colors. Just looking at the picture is relaxing--I'm sure so much more in person.