Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Paris Wife

I was surprised and happy to receive yesterday an advanced reading copy of the The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.  I work in an academic library at a community college, and a coworker of mine had started receiving advanced reading copies of books.  She said she had gone to the American Library Association and filled out something at one of the publishers booths and she started getting advanced reading copies of books.  So, I went to one of the publishers websites and sent an email requesting advanced reading copies.  That was months ago and I forgot all about it.  Then, yesterday I received this.  I hope this is the first of several, but it may have just been a random thing.  Anyway, I started reading it and I'm loving it so far.  It's a fictionized story of Ernest Hemingway and his wife.

Nothing else really going on.  I made an eyelash yarn scarf (picture to come later) and I'm working on another one.  Today I'm off to get one of those $6.99 haircuts at Great Clips before the offer runs out.  Then I'm going to Joann's and Michaels to look for some fabric to make curtains for my bathroom.  It's way past time to redo the bathroom.  It has pink tile and there is not much I can do with it except I decided to redo it in pink and black.  I don't know when I'll get started on that, but I'm so ready.  There are some other things we have to do around the house first, but those things will have to wait until spring when the weather gets warmer.  I wish I could start now.

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Paula said...

Sounds like a good book to curl up with on a cold day, Sharon!
You sure have a busy day planned... running errands is my least favorite thing to do but I enjoy it more when I can sneak a little trip in to JoAnns or Hobby Lobby!! *grin*