Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I made another round pillow this week to give to a very good friend for Christmas.  I hope she's not reading my blog, or else it won't be a surpise.  LOL  I made it in green and decided to embellish it this time with leaves, and I added a small pearl to the center of each flower.  I think it just adds something to the pillow.  I also added leaves to my pink pillow.  Now, I have to make some more of these pillows to keep for myself.  I just love them because the round shape is so unique and Victorian looking.

Last week our Christmas cactus at work started blooming.  I had been meaning to take my camera to work so I could get a picture of it and this morning I finally remembered to bring my camera.


Robin said...

Hi Sharon,

What a lucky friend! She's gonna love that pillow. It's really pretty! I love the colors you've chosen too.

Sandra said...

You are SO talented, the pillow is beautiful; makes me wish I could crochet other than a chain stitch. Visiting from...can't remember...but enjoying my visit.

Linda said...

Wow, Sharon - I love your pillow. I wish I could make a pillow like that. Thanks so much for coming to our Holiday Bazaar. It was great to see you. I hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving.