Saturday, June 05, 2010

Memories and Hydrangeas

Tonight Eddie tilled a spot for us to plant some flowers. He had mentioned from time to time that he was using my dad's old garden tiller. I just never paid attention until tonight when Eddie was talking about how much better this tiller is than the new one he bought a few years back. I got to really looking at the tiller and I'll be doggoned if it's not the one that my daddy had me using when I used to help him till our garden when I was a little girl. Eddie said my daddy told him that this was the only tiller he had ever had. After looking at it I realized he was right. This really brings the memories flooding back. I can't remember the year he bought it, but he told Eddie he bought it back in the 60's at Western Auto. Gee, that's a long time ago.

And my hydrangeas are so pretty right now.


Robin said...

Hi Sharon,

Wow! That looks like pappaw's old tiller. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Western Auto wasn't where he got his too. I'd long forgotten that name until you mentioned it. Thanks for taking me back.

Winona said...

Yep, those old tillers sure have a long life. They also do a better job that the new versions. Enjoy your garden. Winona

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awww.. that was so sweet, Sharon! Don't you love those walks down memory lane? I'm sure that tiller does better than these new ones!