Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing and Quilt Themed Cakes - Part 1

I am in absolute awe of what cake decorators can do. I watch Ace of Cakes and the cake decorating challenges all the time. I never thought about sewing and quilt themed cakes, but when I saw these photos, I just had to share. I found about 30+ photos of these wonderful cakes, so I'm going to post them all, but in 3 parts. Here are the first photos. I hope you enjoy them. I know I did.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- those are amazing!! I love the first one- I thought the sewing machine was real. The big blue pincushion was cute, too!

Sharon said...

Paula, you are so right. That first one looks so real. I love these.

Carrie said...

Those are great! I have a friend who makes all sorts of cake and I'll totally show these to her. Maybe she will be inspired to make her own version for someone she knows. I really like the blue and white one with the buttons and pincushion.