Monday, February 18, 2008

Marzipan Yarnballs

Monica Ferris is one of my favorite authors. I love her knitting mysteries. I couldn't get the other links to work so that you could directly link to them from here, so when you click on the link above and get to her web page, click on the large picture and you will get some great pictures of marzipan yarnballs. If you scroll on down you will find a link for a tutorial for how to make them. Just click on the link that says "Tutorials here".

I've done some cake decorating before, but I think I'll just have to pass this time and enjoy the pictures. I think this is a little to much fussy work for me. I love the pictures, though. They are great!


blazedanielle said...

These look so fun! :) And delicious too!

I have never worked with marzipan before, but I think it would be a treat to eat!!

Sharon said...

Blaze, I've never worked with it before either. My niece did after we took that cake decorating class, but I just never thought I would enjoy it.

Speaking of that, I saw a great show on cable over the weekend called Extreme Cakes or something like that and someone made a 6 foot sock monkey out of marzipan. It was amazing what some of those decorators were doing.